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Studying with INTO University of East Anglia

The complete student experience

Studying with INTO UEA will prepare you for success at the University of East Anglia

You'll expand your subject knowledge, and develop a range of academic skills including essay writing, referencing, researching, giving presentations, team working and self-study.

This preparation will help you thrive on your chosen UEA course, and secure a university qualification valued by employers around the world.

And we’re not here just to teach - we’re also here to support. You’ll find help available whenever you need it from staff who genuinely care about your happiness. 

INTO UEA also offers a number of scholarships.

Trusted support, every step of the way

Let our caring Student Services team guide you through your new adventure. From arranging to meet you at the airport, to opening a bank account and registering with a doctor.

And the caring doesn’t stop once you’ve started your INTO course. You’ll be offered visa workshops, one-to-one counselling on selecting the best university course, and a range of additional support to make sure you enjoy your time here.

Real university teaching for real university success

Our experienced teachers know what it's like to study in an unfamiliar environment, and in a new language.

They're experts at nurturing international students, which is why over 1,000 students successfully progressed to UEA from an INTO UEA course in 2015.

Learning on all INTO UEA academic programmes mirrors actual university teaching.

You'll experience real lectures to practice active listening and note-taking skills. And seminars and workshops will develop your independent learning and critical thinking abilities.

Rutendo Munetsi

Rutendo Munetsi (Zimbabwe)

"Not only do we do the theoretical part, we also carry out practicals and we go for field trips."

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Meet Rutendo Munetsi from Zimbabwe, who studied MPharm Pharmacy with UEA.

What is your favourite module on the International Foundation programme?

I enjoy my Chemistry module because, not only do we do the theoretical part, we also carry out practicals and we go for field trips. This enables us to have a wider view on the subject and most of the things that we do theoretically are also satisfied practically.

What are the teachers like at INTO UEA?

The teachers at INTO are very supportive. If you don't understand a concept in class you can easily go and approach them. We have that good relationship with our teachers and can communicate with them through email. For example, if you're doing your homework at home and you get stuck, you can email your teacher. They are very quick in responding and will help in any way that they can.

What is the best thing about studying at INTO UEA?

I like studying at INTO because it is multicultural. You'll find people from many different countries, and when you interact with those people it will widen your knowledge base because you'll be getting different views and opinions from people of different cultures. Also, the people here are very friendly so you won't get lonely, and the environment is just awesome.

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Scholarships for INTO UEA students

INTO UEA offers a number of scholarships. Applications are open to all students, regardless of background or financial situation.